Sermons on John

Sermons on John

John 6:35-40, 17:1-9 & 24-26: A Biblical Understanding of Christian Conversion

Christians talk about “conversion” to Jesus, but what do they mean by it and why would someone need to be “converted?” The Bible answers this question directly and tells us both the fundamental problem with humanity as well as the only solution for humanity. Come join us as we consider this 4th Mark of a healthy church: A Biblical Understanding of Conversion.

John 4:1-21: Jesus at the Well

Where should people worship God? Depending on a person’s religious background, they will answer that question differently. But how does Jesus respond when a woman brings up this topic? Jesus’ answer has much to tell us, as does His choosing to interact with a woman who was ostracised from society.

John 19:1-21: Jesus Rejected

Why do Christians follow a messiah and leader who was rejected by His own people? It does seem odd on the face of it, but there is actually an excellent reason for this paradoxical allegiance. Join us was we consider this rejected messiah and the reason for His rejection.

John 16:7-15: The Holy Spirit Lifts Up the Name of Jesus

The Holy Spirit is an important part of our faith, but many Christians are confused or ignorant about what he does. In John 16, Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit to continue his work after he leaves. The Spirit will convict the world in regards to sin, righteousness and judgement, and in doing so, expose our need for Jesus. His goal in all things is to glorify Jesus by making Jesus known to us.

John 20:1-10, 19-21, & 24-31: Jesus for the Sceptical

People often seem to be sceptical about Jesus and the claims of the Bible. Yet, what many people do not realise is that some of Jesus’ closest followers were also sceptical and hard to convince. John’s Gospel account tells us that several of those who followed Jesus did not believe He rose from the dead right away. Throughout these accounts, the evidences that convinced those early sceptics and doubters are given. You might be surprised at the amount of evidence…