Sermons on Matthew

Matthew 6:5-9: The Prayer God Blesses

How does Jesus teach Christians to pray? His teaching on what is commonly referred to as the “Lord’s Prayer” is much more than many people realise. Jesus makes a distinction between those who pray to God as a landlord and those who pray to God as Father. His words suggest that the types of prayers by many people around the world are not what God is looking for. What do you think about Jesus’ radical teaching on prayer?

Matthew 6:1-4: Living for An Audience of One

Many people claim to worship God, but how does Jesus teach that God wants to be worshipped? Is He primarily concerned with external religious actions? Jesus says God is interested in the heart attitude and the reasons for which a person worships. No one was more rightly critical of religious people in Jesus day than Jesus Himself. But why? Listen and find out what Jesus has to say about religion and the heart.

Matthew 5:31-48: God’s Truths, My Rights and Christian Love

We hear a great deal about personal rights in our Western society. Oftentimes, people become rather vocal when they believe their personal rights are not being respected. But what does Jesus say the Christian’s view of personal rights should be? How should a Christian respond when his “personal rights” are violated? This is one of several important questions Jesus addresses at the end of Matthew 5.

Matthew 5:27-37: The Gospel Transforms Our Relationships, Marriages, and Words

What does the Gospel of Jesus have to do with our everyday problems and realities as human beings? The answer is actually much more than most people think. At the end of Matthew 5, Jesus gives six teachings that He contrasts with what the religious leaders and the religious tradition taught about God and His law. Here is Jesus’ authoritative teaching on sexual desires, marriage and keeping one’s word.

Matthew 5:21-26: I Would Never Do That!

When Jesus the Messiah stands up to give the proper interpretation and understanding of the law everyone should listen closely. What does Jesus demand of His followers and how should they properly understand and properly follow God’s law? Jesus gives the answer by showing illustrations of how to understand and live God’s commands from the heart in Matthew 5.

Matthew 5:17-20: Jesus and the Law

What did Jesus come to do? Was what He taught consistent with the Jewish Bible or was He doing something completely new? Jesus answers this question and speaks to the misunderstandings that some had about the Jewish Law and what Jesus had come to do. His answer has many implications for Christians today and how they live in a way that honours God.

Matthew 5:13-16: Be What You Are

Many people may be familiar with what Jesus said about being the salt of the earth and the light of the world. However, few have stopped to consider what Jesus meant by these phrases and few have connected their meaning with the important words Jesus said just before. Who does Jesus call to be salt and light? How can they be salt and light? Where do they get the strength or power to be those things and what difference does…

Matthew 5:10-12: The Blessings of Jesus the King (Part 3)

Why would someone be angry with you for doing what is right? This is the very question Jesus answers in this portion of the Sermon on the Mount. It seems odd that many people in the world would be upset with Christians for trying to live right lives, showing mercy to others, being humble and trying to be peacemakers. Yet Jesus says such people should expect to be rejected and sometimes physically harmed for doing these good things. He goes…

Matthew 5:6-9: The Blessings of Jesus the King (Part 2)

When Jesus guarantees a blessing for certain people, such a promised is certainly worth listening to. But who are those that Jesus says are blessed? It is not the people you might think nor is it those the world often admires. In these brief statements (Matthew 5:6-9), Jesus describes several groups of people who have God’s blessing on their lives and therefore live for him. Are you one of them?

Matthew 5:1-6: The Blessings of Jesus the King (Part 1)

It is not uncommon for kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers to give a public speech at the beginning of their reign or term. But what would the King of Kings and Messiah choose to say if He were to give an “opening speech”? Jesus’ first public address in Matthew’s Gospel account is often called the Sermon on the Mount and is just such a speech. In many ways it outlines what Jesus has come to do and teach and…
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