Sermons on Matthew

Matthew 26:17-30: The Last Passover and the First Lord’s Supper

With the substitutionary death of Jesus, the Lord’s supper becomes the Christian version of the Jewish Passover. In what Jesus did, He was fulfilling 1400 years of expectations, promises and prophecies. He was also giving the new church community, his followers, a means by which they could remember and respond to the sacrifice He would make for their sins.

Matthew 26:1-16: Plotting and Anointing

In this passage we see two contrasting understandings of who Jesus is and these result in two very different actions toward him. These understandings are representative of how all people view Jesus, in one of these two ways. Which view do you hold?

Matthew 25:31-46: The Ultimate Divide

What is the last thing Jesus emphasizes in His final sermon before going to the cross to die? He said that when He comes again, he will separate and judge all the people’s of the earth into two categories: the righteous and the wicked. But the Bible tells us that we all begin in the category of the wicked, so how can be move to become righteous?

Matthew 24:45 – 25:30: Kingdom Capitalism

Any financial investor can tell you that there is no such thing as a sure investment. Something can always go wrong. But what if there were a sure-fire investment that could not fail. In that case, a person would be a fool not to take advantage of the opportunity. In Matthew 24-25, Jesus tells us of a certain investment that is guaranteed by the all-knowing and all-powerful God – it cannot fail.

Matthew 24:32-44: Figs and Faithfulness

Jesus, when speaking about His future return to earth, tells us that there is nothing left that must happen before He returns. Therefore, His followers should be ready at all times because they realize He could return at any time. How can you get ready? Jesus provides the answer.

Matthew 24:15–31: When Jesus Returns

When asked by His disciples about the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the World, Jesus answers. He gives both some general and some specific statements. But He also tells His disciples the purpose for this information.  This passage gives many important teachings and reminders to all who will take the time to consider it.