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Acts 8:26-40: The Good News For All

Christians say that the gospel is good news, but what exactly is that good news? What do a set of prophecies hundreds of years before Jesus have to do with an African official’s trip to Jerusalem? More than you might think. These passages show us that the gospel brings a reorienting of one’s heart, a removal of one’s sins and a radical reversal of one’s values.

Luke 7:36-50: The Scorned Prophet and the Forgiven Woman

How does one of Jesus’ female followers react when He is publicly shamed and insulted in front of several people? The response of Jesus in this situation is not what you might expect. Both the way Jesus responds to the one who insulted Him and the way He responds to the woman tell us much about who He is and what He has come to do.

Matthew 4:18-25: Jesus Calls Some Disciples and Heals All Diseases

In the early public ministry of Jesus, He began by choosing His own disciples and they responded by following Him right away. The crowds also began to hear about Him and to bring all that were sick or had significant issues to Him and He was able to heal all of them. By showing His absolute power over physical sickness and even demon possession, Jesus gave evidence of who He was to the people.

Matthew 4:12-17: The Light of God Dispels the Darkness of Mankind

Directly after telling us of Jesus being tempted by the devil, Matthew explains that Jesus’ earthly ministry fulfilled an ancient prophecy. This prophecy involves a metaphor of light and darkness as well as a consideration of more than just the Jewish people. Perhaps surprisingly, this passage explains that Jesus had come for all people and that He had come to bring light. But would mankind receive this light?

Matthew 4:1-11: Defence Against Devil

People sometimes think that because Jesus is the Son of God, his divine nature elevates him to some lofty plane of existence where he does not feel pain or tiredness or stress or loneliness. But this passage shows us that Jesus was made like us in every way except without sin. He has weaknesses. He feels physical weakness like hunger. And he also feels spiritual weakness like temptation. From Jesus, we can learn how to resist temptation, and more importantly,…

Matthew 3:13-17: The Baptism of the King

Jesus chose to announce His public ministry by being baptised. While this might seem like an odd way to begin such an important and public ministry, Jesus is actually choosing to obey the will of His Father. This passage illustrates for us how Jesus chose to perfectly obey the Father’s will even though others often misunderstood.

Matthew 3:7-12: A Hard Turning

John the Baptist had some strong words for the religious leaders in his day. He explains that God’s judgement is coming soon. All who do not wish to be condemned on that day must partake in some serious self-evaluation. Is their faith being lived out in Spirit-grown fruit? John tells us that just being religious will not be enough.

Matthew 3:1-6: God Keeps His Promises

How did God announce that the Messiah was about to step on the public scene? Through a man in poor clothing, stepping out of the wilderness and preaching to anyone who would listen around the Jordan river. In this passage, we consider the appearance, work and message of this strange preacher: John the Baptist.

Matthew 2:16-23: God Speaks Today

God chose to speak though the birth and early life of Jesus. Matthew points us to three instances of God fulfilling ancient promises in the unique and sometimes terrifying circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus.