Christmas 2020

Isaiah 40:9-11: Tidings of Joy

We talk of the comfort and joy of Christmas time, but where does that joy come from? How does it begin? Is it based on the pleasant circumstances that surround us at Christmas time? What if a person does not experience pleasant circumstances at this time of the year? Can he or she still have the Joy of Christmas. The answer is “yes”. But in oder to answer the question, we must understand where this joy comes form and what…

Isaiah 40:1-8: Tidings of Comfort

Several Christmas carols mention the “comfort and joy” that Christmas brings. But why does Christmas bring comfort and joy? How does it bring about these things? The answer to these questions is found in an ancient source. Writing more than 500 years before Jesus came into the world, the Old Testament prophet Isaiah explains how the coming of Jesus brings comfort and joy and how a person can experience that comfort and joy for themselves.