Jesus Interacts with Women

Jesus Interacts with Women

Matthew 25:1-13: The Wise and Foolish Young Women

What does a wedding celebration have to do with the return of Jesus? In this parable, Jesus teaches His followers several truths about His return and the real meaning of discipleship. Once again, He teaches that His followers should be prepared for His return and be busy doing what He has commanded them to do. When He comes again, will you be ready?

Luke 18:1-8: A Persistent Woman

What can a widow looking for justice teach us about prayer? More than you might think. Jesus chose to use this illustration in a story in order to teach His disciples something of significant importance. Persistence in prayer is absolutely essential in the life of a believer. Here is what Jesus had to say about the matter.

Luke 7:36-50: A Forgiven Woman

How does Jesus respond when He is given a calculated insult? What does He do when a woman goes out on a limb and breaks all cultural norms? In both cases, His response if far different than anyone in that time period would expect. But the way He responds teaches us about the worth of human beings and the importance of forgiveness that results in love.

Luke 10:38-42: Back to the Basics: A Spiritual Check-Up

The role of women in Christianity in general, and in the church specifically, has received a great deal of publicity in recent years. Critical to any conversation on that subject is how Jesus dealt with women. Did Jesus interact with women in the same way as those in his culture and time or in a different way? This passage shows us how Jesus was radically different in how He treated women and what that means for you and I today.