Restored from Captivity - Ezra

Restored from Captivity - Ezra

Ezra 10: A Blueprint for Confronting Sin

Sin is not a fun topic to discuss, but it is an important topic. The Bible makes clear that each us has sinned and broken God’s laws. But once we realise that we have broken God’s laws and have sinned against Him, what do we do then? The last chapter of Ezra’s book gives us a wonderful blueprint for dealing with sin the right way. The Jewish people in Ezra’s day had sinned against God, and the way the Ezra…

Ezra 9:1-15: Who is on the Lord’s side?

Sometimes our problems seem to stack on top of each other. No sooner have we finished dealing with one problem, then two or more problems show up and keep piling up. Ezra, the Old Testament prophet, dealt with the same issue. No sooner had he returned with a group of Israelites back to the promised land than he had to deal with some significant problems that kept piling up. But these problems were not simply personal or passing problems but…

Ezra 7:10–8:36: The Challenges of Following the Lord

Although following God’s clear commands is always right, that does not mean it is always easy. Ezra was seeking to follow God’s plan and return to the land of Israel but he faced many challenges along the way. With each of these challenges, he teaches us valuable lessons about following God’s commands today.

Ezra 6:13-7:28: To Know and Love God

How does a person come to know and love God? We are told that Christians should be those who know God and love Him because of what He has done for us, but how do we do it? This passage in Ezra’s book gives us the answer to that question. Along the way, we will see how God provided for His people in unique ways and what it tells us about His work today.

Ezra 4:7-6:12: Continued Opposition and Final Clarity

What should you do when false accusations are levelled against you or when you face significant opposition simply because you are doing what is right? The Jewish people experienced such circumstances time and time again. From this passage in Ezra’s book, we find how they faced this opposition and how God ultimately helped them overcome this opposition.

Ezra 3-4:6: Rebuilding and Opposition

What should Christians do when they experience opposition? How should a Christian respond when attacked by those who were supposed “friends”? These questions and many more area answered in the small but powerful book of Ezra. As the Jewish people sought to obey God’s commands, they ran into significant opposition and discouragement. Yet, the passage also tells us how they responded and trusted God in the midst of those difficulties.

Ezra 1-2: A Call to Restore True Worship

What is true worship? In Christian circles, the term “worship” is used rather often, but what is it and how do we do it? The book of Ezra, written almost 2,500 years ago, gives us a pretty clear answer. The Jewish people were trying to return to Israel from their captivity in Babylon. As they did so, they sought to rebuild the altar and the temple. Both what they did and how they did it is instructive to our worship…