Songs to Live By

Psalm 46: Be Still and Know

The last two years have been difficult for all of us. There is a lot to be anxious about. Psalm 46 brings us words of hope and encourages us to refocus on God who is our refuge and strength.

Psalm 63: The Danger of half-Hearted Living

What can we learn from an Old Testament king who started well but ended poorly? More than you might think. King Amaziah had so much potential and seemed to have begun his reign well, but his lack of whole-hearted commitment and obedience to God led to pride and then to utter ruin. He leaves us with many lessons in our own day.

Psalm 2: God’s Way vs. Man’s Way

God has enthroned His king to rule the world and it is Jesus. Yet humanity likes to do its own thing. We think we can be autonomous and rule ourselves, but God says that our plans will constantly be frustrated until we follow His way for us. Psalm 2 tells us more.

Psalm 122: The Pilgrim’s Progress

COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways – one of which is our ability to meet together in person as a church. Although we are able to replicate many of the functions of church using various technology, there is a difference between online church and face-to-face church. Psalm 122 tells you why it’s important for us to meet together as a church.

Psalm 4: The God who Gives Joy and Rest

How can a person leave the cares of the day behind when they go to sleep at night? How can a person be angry without letting that anger lead them to do or say something they will regret. Psalm 4 answers both of these questions and serves as a template for us in dealing with difficult and anger-inducing situations in our lives.

Psalm 51:6-19: Confronting Sin with Joy

Repentance means to make a spiritual U-turn. In this Psalm, King David gives us an excellent model for how to do that, but he also gives us an understanding of what results from repentance. The results of repentance and the marks of repentance are more numerous than you might think. Come hear what happens when a king turns back to the King of Kings.

Psalm 51:1-5: A Model for Confession and Repentance

King David of Israel had committed several crimes and sins before God. He had assaulted a woman and had her husband killed. Yet, he chose to try and hide these actions until confronted by the prophet Nathan. But how does David respond to such confrontation? How do you respond if someone confronts you? David’s response gives us a helpful model for confessing and repenting of our sin before God.

Psalm 27: How to Start a Happy New Year

Who knows what kind of new opportunities or new challenges the year will bring? You might have all sorts of anxieties about the future, but Psalm 27 tells us the one thing that we need in order to face the year without fear.

Psalm 90: How to Have a Happy New Year

As 2019 comes to a close, we all want to put the bad parts of the year behind us and look forward to a better year in 2020. Psalm 90 tells us how we can have a happy new year in spite of the troubles and sorrows of life.