The Gospel According to Matthew

The Gospel According to Matthew

Matthew 1:18-25: Jesus in the Old Testament

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus says that He has come to “fulfill the Law and the Prophets” (5:17) and in John’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that the Old Testament Scriptures point to Him (5:39). But where and how do we see Jesus in the Old Testament? That is the subject of today’s sermon as Mark Landrum joins us from Christian Witness to Israel.

Matthew 17:10-23: Prophecies and Demons

Have you ever felt confused when you thought of God’s plan in the world? Have you ever been confused when trying to understand some portion of the Bible? The disciples too were sometimes confused and they often found themselves to be completely wrong. But in this passage, Jesus steers them in the right direction and leaves us with an essential lesson about Christian Spirituality.

Matthew 16: 21-28: The Shadow of the Cross

What does Jesus demand from His followers? He tells them to deny themselves and to kill their own desires every day in order to live for God’s Kingdom purposes. Why might He make such an extreme teaching? This passage explains why the call to follow Christ is so radical.

Matthew 16:13-23: The Triumph of God’s Kingdom

What does a prophet, an old pagan temple and Roman emperors have to do with Jesus and the church He began? The gospel writer Matthew shows us how all of these facets tell us something amazing about both Jesus and the church. This central part of Matthew’s gospel is full of surprises.

Matthew 16:13-23: The Great Confession – The Messiahship of Jesus

Who is Jesus? If you asked several people, you would likely get several answers. But Jesus once posed this same question to His disciples. He asked them who others thought He was and then He asked the disciples what they had concluded about Him. The response is startling. But perhaps more startling is what happens right after that.

Matthew 15:29 – 16:12: Sickness, Food, Signs and Warnings

When people read the Gospel accounts, they might often fall into the idea that what Jesus did back then has little to do with us today. The miracles he performed may have been nice fo those who experienced them, but what benefit do they have for us? The answer, as this passage shows, is that all that Jesus did and said has great importance and benefit today, but only if we can understand them and then apply the principles to…

Matthew 15:21-28: A Strange & Hard Exchange

Did Jesus ever treat someone in a mean-spirited or rude manner? This passage seems to be one example of Him doing so, but if we look a little hard, we find several fascinating lessons to be learned from Jesus’ interactions with this mother. Furthermore, this mother teaches us how we must approach Jesus if we truly want His help.

Matthew 15:10-20: The True Source of all Human evils

Where do the problems in our societies and homes come from? If you ask five people you may get five different answers and yet our society generally suggests that the source of most human problems comes from outside of us. A lack of education, bad laws, other people committing evil acts against us etc. But Jesus gives a fundamentally different answer. He says that the source of man’s problems and evils comes from within. But He not only gives the…

Matthew 15:1-9: Man’s Traditions or God’s Commands?

Human beings like to start traditions. Whether it is from our culture, family or country, we all make traditions. Many of these traditions are neutral, but sometimes they become negative. Whenever a tradition begins to become more important than God’s clear instructions, then we are in trouble. This is exactly what Jesus faced when some of the Jewish religious leaders confront Him about a tradition. His response has much to teach us today.