What is the Church?

What is the Church?

I Timothy 3:1-13: Biblical Church Leadership (Part 2)

How does God want His church to be led? Who should do the leading? Is there criteria or a set of qualifications? In I Timothy 3, we find just such questions answered. Join us as we consider the answers to these questions. Some of the instructions are obvious, but some might be a surprise to you.

Matthew 18:15-20 & I Corinthians 5:1-5: Church Discipline

Church Discipline is a teaching in the New Testament that the church is to practice with members who are living in unrepentant sin and harming the body of Christ. Join us as we consider five questions: (1) What does the Bible say about church discipline?, (2) What exactly is church discipline?, (3) Can church discipline really be loving?, (4) What are the results of church discipline?, and (5) What sins require church discipline?

1 Corinthians 11:17-34: The Marks of a Healthy Church: #9 The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is something that all Christians observe, but not everyone understands its meaning and significance. It certainly doesn’t rank highly as an essential part of church for many people. In God’s wisdom he has given us this ritual that is imbued with deep symbolism and purpose to help us look in five directions. Listen to this sermon to find out what they are!

Matthew 16:16-20 & Acts 2:36-47: The Marks of a Healthy Church: # 7-8 Membership & Baptism

What is church membership? Does the Bible really command it? How should local churches understand and practice membership and baptism? These are all questions we consider as we look at the 7th and 8th marks of a healthy church – a Biblical understanding of Membership and Baptism. The reality is that these two elements are much more important than many Christians realise and the Bible has much more to say on the topic than many have ever heard. Come join…

Acts 17:16-32: 12 Marks of a Healthy Church – #5 Evangelism and #6 An Upward & Outward Focus

Christians are commanded to evangelise or share the good news of Jesus with others. But how are they supposed to do so and what does it entail? In this message, we consider several misunderstandings concerning evangelism and then the importance of having a proper upward focus toward God and His glory, before we seek to have an outward focus, toward other people and the world around us.

John 6:35-40, 17:1-9 & 24-26: A Biblical Understanding of Christian Conversion

Christians talk about “conversion” to Jesus, but what do they mean by it and why would someone need to be “converted?” The Bible answers this question directly and tells us both the fundamental problem with humanity as well as the only solution for humanity. Come join us as we consider this 4th Mark of a healthy church: A Biblical Understanding of Conversion.

Romans 3:9-20: Marks of a Healthy Church #2-3

As we continue in our series on the church, we are considering 12 different marks or characteristics of healthy churches. Here we consider the second and third marks. Biblical Theology or connecting to the Bible’s Big Picture is important as a consistent practice in both preaching and reading the Word of God. When we do so, the third mark, the Gospel, becomes explicit as well. Consider with us how important these two marks are and how they connect with the…

Nehemiah 8:1-8: 12 Marks of a Healthy Church: Mark #1 – Expository Preaching

What is the place of preaching in a church and how should it be done? Why do we still do this whole “preaching thing” anyway? Isn’t it old fashioned? Yet, this is what God has told the church to do. In this message, we consider why preaching God’s Word is so important and especially why preaching it in a particular way is ideal for the growth and health of the church.
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