Sermons by Rev Nathan Muse

Sermons by Rev Nathan Muse

Luke 1:67-80: God Visits His People

What would you do if an angel appeared to you, gave you a message, and then you saw two distinct miracles accomplished before your eyes? Zechariah experiences this and his response was to break out in a poem or song of praise to God. Let us see what we can learn from this song of praise.

Matthew 28:16-20: Getting Ready – The Plan of Attack

For the Christian, knowing that Jesus is returning, how do we prepare for His coming? In the final verses of Matthew’s Gospel, we see the answer. What does Jesus command as the Christian’s plan of attack? To go and make disciples. Consider with us what this means and how Jesus says to accomplish it.

Matthew 28:1-15: This Changes Everything

The bodily resurrection of Jesus is the central point of Christianity. But many are unaware of just how central this belief is for Christians or the many reasons why Christians believe something that is so extraordinary. Matthew helps show us the “why” and the “how” of the resurrection.

Matthew 27:44-66: How the Brutal Death of Jesus is Good News

In His death, Jesus took our sin and the curse of sin on Himself. As He did so, He fully payed the price so that we could have direct access to and a relationship with God the Father through Jesus. Matthew helps us to understand how this happened by detailing the last moment’s of Christ’s life on the Cross.

Matthew 27:27-44: The Oldest Prophecy Fulfilled

Many people who are familiar with Jesus and His death on the cross are unaware that His death is linked to the oldest prophecy ever recorded in human history. But His death is not just linked with the oldest prophecy but with many other prophecies as well. Matthew points five of them out for us in this passage and gives us the meaning as well.

Matthew 27:15-26: The Innocent and the Guilty

What is the difference between being innocent and being guilty? In this passage, we see the difference on full display. Additionally, we also see Jesus contrasted with several other individuals. What is the point of all of this? It shows us, with great clarity, why Jesus came and the meaning of His death on the cross.