Sermons by Rev Nathan Muse (Page 2)

Matthew 19:1-12: Marriage and Divorce

It might surprise people to know that some of the reasons and allowances for divorce in Jesus’ day are very similar to our society’s view in the modern day. In this passage, the religious leaders try to catch Jesus by giving Him a trick question on a difficult topic – divorce. But Jesus does not fall for their ploy, rather, He uses the opportunity to clearly explain God’s original purpose and design for marriage.

Romans 14:1 – 15:7: Loving Christians When We Disagree

How can Christians love one another when we disagree about a matter that is not specifically mentioned in the Bible? How can we still fight for unity in a church and love for individual Christians when we hold different views. This is not a new problem. In fact, Paul spends more than 10% of his letter to the Romans dealing with this very question. What he says is vitally important for the current situation of the church.

Romans 13:1-4: The Duty and Limitations of Government

What is the role of human government and how are Christians to respond to human government? Romans 13 is a familiar passage on these topics but it is also a passage that is often misunderstood. Join us as we consider God’s defined role for human government as well as how Christians should respond to government and God.

Matthew 18:15-35: Confrontation and Forgiveness

How should Christians confront those who have sinned against them? Can a Christian every withhold forgiveness from another person? These important questions are considered in Matthew 18 as Jesus instructs His followers how the church is to act in these challenging circumstances.

Matthew 18:10-14: Guardian Angels, A Lost Verse and a Lost Sheep

This is a fascinating passage. According to some, it teaches the idea that each of us has a guardian angel watching over us. But in most modern translations, it also has a verse missing. Finally, Jesus uses a familiar illustration but with a slightly different point for his hearers. Join us as we find out how these three items fit together.

Matthew 18:5-9: Your Final Destination

How serious is sin? In Matthew 18, Jesus gives us His answer. As He does so, he has some strong words to say about hell and about those who try to deceive and tempt Christians toward sin and away from God in this world. His Words are a sober reminder of what is at stake.

Matthew 18:1-5: Who is the Greatest?

When Jesus tells His disciples that He will soon go to Jerusalem in order to die, they respond in a strange way. Not too long after that, they begin arguing about who will be the greatest in the kingdom that Jesus is setting up. When they ask Him to answer the question for them, Jesus changes the question and teaches them a lesson from a small child. The lesson is not what they expected.

Matthew 17:22-27: Two Scandals and Two Payments

What would Jesus do if asked to pay a tax that he was not required to pay? That is exactly the situation that Peter, one of His followers, pushed Him into. Yet, Jesus’ response communicates several truths that go far beyond temporary taxes. Truths that stretch back into eternity and forward into the future.

Isaiah 6:1-8: The Holy God

What is God like? What would happen if we found ourselves in the presence of God? How would we respond? Isaiah gives us just such a glimpse when he encountered a vision of God. This encounter was both deeply troubling and absolutely essential for what God was calling him to do. It has much to teach us today about God and ourselves.

Hebrews 12:1-2: Joyful Focus: Running the Race of Life

The Bible describes the Christian life as a journey or a race. But how should Christians run this race? As human beings, we need instruction, encouragements and examples to follow. All of these are described in Hebrews 12. Hear God’s instruction for how Christians should run the race of life.