Sermons by Rev Ernest Chiang

Nehemiah 8: The Re-birth of a Nation

The Bible is arguably the greatest treasure of God’s people, and yet we often take it for granted. The Israelites had been deprived of the word of God for a long time and they were hungry to hear from it. Their attitude and response has much to teach us about how we are to view the Scriptures.

Matthew 19:29-30: What the Rich Can’t Afford?

“What must I do to get eternal life?” There are many ways to answer that question. But when a rich man comes to Jesus with that question, he receives a surprising answer. Jesus’ response is a great challenge not only for the rich man but also for us.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34: The Marks of a Healthy Church: #9 The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is something that all Christians observe, but not everyone understands its meaning and significance. It certainly doesn’t rank highly as an essential part of church for many people. In God’s wisdom he has given us this ritual that is imbued with deep symbolism and purpose to help us look in five directions. Listen to this sermon to find out what they are!

Titus 2:1-15: Each One Teach One

As a society we are becoming more fragmented as people find it hard to relate to others who are from a different age bracket. Unfortunately, the church is not immune to it. But in Titus 2, we see a model of healthy relationships between the older and younger generations that is built on the grace of God.

Zephaniah 3:8-20: The Day of God’s Restoration

The book of Zephaniah has so far been a lot of bad news of judgement and destruction. It all sounds very ominous and foreboding. But in the final chapter there is an unexpected turn of good news. And it’s not only good news for the people of Judah, but also for us.

Zephaniah 2:4-3:8: The Day of God’s Justice

In Zephaniah 2, God’s judgement extends from Jerusalem to the rest of the world. The nations are denounced one by one for their pride, and it seems as if the whole world would be consumed by the fire of God’s jealous anger. But sprinkled throughout these verses are hints that there will be a remnant who will survive.

Zephaniah 1:1-2:3: The Day of God’s Wrath

Zephaniah warns God’s people that the Day of the LORD is near – a day when God will judge them for their sin and idolatry. Chapter 1 contains a bleak and terrifying message, and yet there is a silver lining. Zephaniah’s purpose is not to lead them to despair but to repentance. There is still a chance to change their ways before it’s too late.

Psalm 122: The Pilgrim’s Progress

COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways – one of which is our ability to meet together in person as a church. Although we are able to replicate many of the functions of church using various technology, there is a difference between online church and face-to-face church. Psalm 122 tells you why it’s important for us to meet together as a church.

Matthew 11:1-19: If You Are the One

Jesus makes some big claims about himself, claims that many people doubt to be true. In our passage today, we discover that even John the Baptist doubted who Jesus was. But Jesus answers him in a way that not only alleviates John’s questions, but also helps us to understand Jesus better as well.