Sermons by Rev Ernest Chiang (Page 2)

Sermons by Rev Ernest Chiang (Page 2)

Psalm 122: The Pilgrim’s Progress

COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways – one of which is our ability to meet together in person as a church. Although we are able to replicate many of the functions of church using various technology, there is a difference between online church and face-to-face church. Psalm 122 tells you why it’s important for us to meet together as a church.

Matthew 11:1-19: If You Are the One

Jesus makes some big claims about himself, claims that many people doubt to be true. In our passage today, we discover that even John the Baptist doubted who Jesus was. But Jesus answers him in a way that not only alleviates John’s questions, but also helps us to understand Jesus better as well.

Matthew 9:27-38: Seeing the Harvest

The way we see people affects the way we treat them. When Jesus looks upon the crowds, he sees that they are like were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. This moves him to compassion and to pray to the Lord of the harvest for more workers. Do you see people in the same way? How should that affect the way you treat them?

Psalm 27: How to Start a Happy New Year

Who knows what kind of new opportunities or new challenges the year will bring? You might have all sorts of anxieties about the future, but Psalm 27 tells us the one thing that we need in order to face the year without fear.

Psalm 90: How to Have a Happy New Year

As 2019 comes to a close, we all want to put the bad parts of the year behind us and look forward to a better year in 2020. Psalm 90 tells us how we can have a happy new year in spite of the troubles and sorrows of life.

John 16:7-15: The Holy Spirit Lifts Up the Name of Jesus

The Holy Spirit is an important part of our faith, but many Christians are confused or ignorant about what he does. In John 16, Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit to continue his work after he leaves. The Spirit will convict the world in regards to sin, righteousness and judgement, and in doing so, expose our need for Jesus. His goal in all things is to glorify Jesus by making Jesus known to us.