Sermons from August 2021

Matthew 17:22-27: Two Scandals and Two Payments

What would Jesus do if asked to pay a tax that he was not required to pay? That is exactly the situation that Peter, one of His followers, pushed Him into. Yet, Jesus’ response communicates several truths that go far beyond temporary taxes. Truths that stretch back into eternity and forward into the future.

Isaiah 40:27-31: Spiritual Renewal

Do you feel like God is absent from you? Are you feeling spiritually weary? We learn from the Bible that God has not abandoned us. We can find comfort and hope in His strength and kindness, and the promise that he will renew us and enable us to stand firm to the end.

Matthew 4:1-11: Our Battle Plan

Jesus has overcome this world, its systems, and its temporal ruler, Satan himself. Jesus gives us a model to follow using the resources we have at our disposal. The word of God, taken in context, and with submission to His will.

Isaiah 6:1-8: The Holy God

What is God like? What would happen if we found ourselves in the presence of God? How would we respond? Isaiah gives us just such a glimpse when he encountered a vision of God. This encounter was both deeply troubling and absolutely essential for what God was calling him to do. It has much to teach us today about God and ourselves.

Hebrews 12:1-2: Joyful Focus: Running the Race of Life

The Bible describes the Christian life as a journey or a race. But how should Christians run this race? As human beings, we need instruction, encouragements and examples to follow. All of these are described in Hebrews 12. Hear God’s instruction for how Christians should run the race of life.