Sermons from November 2021

Sermons from November 2021

Matthew 21:12-17: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jesus has just finished His triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. What will He do next? As is often the case, He does what people might least expect. But what He does reveals something of His character and who He is. Jesus had just been called a prophet by the crowd, and now He will act like a prophet in confronting the sin of the people and pronouncing judgement on them for their sin and unbelief, but He will…

Matthew 20:29 – 21:11: The Triumphal Entry

In this passage, we find one of the greatest moments in human history. Jesus is presented to his people and to the city of Jerusalem as their Messiah and King. Celebration begins and the enthusiastic crowds accompany him and his disciples into the city. But all is not as it appears.

Matthew 20:17-34: True Christian Service

Why did Jesus come to earth and how does His Kingdom operate? These are the very question that Jesus answers for His disciples in Matthew 20. While they were wondering about power and authority, Jesus talked about service and then He showed them what He meant.