Sermons from May 2022

Matthew 22:23-33: The Resurrection of the Dead

How does Jesus respond to an absurd question that has an important point? He does so by pointing out the flaw in the question, pointing back to God’s Word, and pointing ahead to show how God’s Word helps us now. In such an instructive encounter with the religious leaders of His day, Jesus has much to teach us in this section on life, death, afterlife and God’s Word.

Matthew 22:15-22: Paying Taxes to Caesar

What happens when the religious leaders flatter Jesus and ask him a trick question? The answer: with one question and one statement of his own, Jesus shows the entire debate, as well as the religious leaders, to be ridiculous. In so doing, Jesus also clearly shows that God’s Kingdom takes priority over earthly kingdoms. Although short, such a passage has much to teach us today.

Matthew 22:1-14: The Wedding Feast

The religious leaders continue to harass Jesus during the last week of his life before going to the cross. How does he respond? He tells them three parables to confront and expose the religious leaders. This third parable concerns a wedding banquet and those who are invited. Yet all is not as it appears as the parable makes clear. It quickly becomes apparent what God demands of the world He made.